How are chatbots impacting the world of digital marketing? – Complete guide

The influence of artificial intelligence is not only limited to defence, agriculture, and medical but it is also putting profound impact in the world of digital marketing. Though the concept of artificial intelligence in digital marketing is not new, but having chatbots in the world of digital marketing is definitely a contribution of artificial intelligence. So in this article, we will discuss Chabot and cover everything related to it.         

  • What is Chatbot?
  • How does a Chatbot work?
  • Parts of Chatbot operation
  • How effective is Chatbot digital marketing strategy?
  • How to incorporate Chatbot in the digital marketing strategy?  
  • Conclusion.    

What is Chatbots?  

80–85% of businesses will deploy advanced chatbots by 2020.)

Chatbot is AI-powered online messenger which is used for communication between a human and robot. Chatbot is developed to stimulate a realistic kind of conversation with people who land on the website. The objective behind developing such application is to provide quick and accurate information, which customer seeks. Using Chatbot you can automate a huge part of customer communication without losing customer service and support.           

How does a Chatbot work?

A Chatbot is programmed under the concept of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Chatbot responds according to the data stored in the memory. It reads the language, converts the plain text into a codified command for itself, understands it and gives a coherent answer. You can say Chatbot is the next level of artificial intelligence and deep learning, where machine automatically learns new things, understand it and respond. When the user types something on his keyboard, Chatbot decrypts the keywords of the query to answer them. The more accurate and simple the message, the easier it will be for the Chatbot to analyze your question and thus answer you.            

Parts of Chatbot operation:

There are three parts of the Chatbot operation. 1- User interface. 2- Natural language understanding. 3- Natural language processing.   

User interface:

The user interface, through which users interact with the bot like keyboard or microphone to ask his question.

Natural language understanding:

In this stage bot read the language, converts the plain text into codified command, understand and analyze it through a web interface.  

Natural language processing:

In this stage, bot transforms the user’s entry in action. Chatbot analyzes the issue and consults the database to provide the most appropriate answer.  

How effective is Chatbot digital marketing strategy?

Now we know what Chatbots is, so now let’s look at how this application is transforming digital marketing.    

Chatbot automates the huge part of customer communication and marketing process:

This is the foremost advantage of using Chatbots for marketing. Now you don’t need to hire an employee for customer communication. Chatbot manages the customer communication 24/7 efficiently and any query of customers never left unanswered. Besides, Chatbot is great for managing the initial steps of the marketing process, whether that’s gathering contact details and information for a sales call, answering general customer service questions or providing direction on common tech issues. Which not only saves money but also enable you to hire staff for another productive work. According to research, 60% of customer’s preferred live chat to get their queries answered.    

Chatbot enhances the volume of marketing conversations:

Since Chatbot automates the maximum part of customer communication and marketing process. This enable you to connect with more customers and enhance the volume of marketing conversation- all of this can have a huge impact on your business.  

Chatbot bridges the gap between marketing and sales:

Marketing and sales both are the backbones of any business. But sometimes due to lack of management; there is a huge gap develops between marketing and sales. In this scenario, marketing professionals don’t have any idea that what exactly the need of the sales team. And the sales team don’t have any idea about a successful marketing strategy.

To handle such a problem, Chatbot proves an effective tool to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Chatbot manages the information efficiently, which enable the marketing team to make a constructive marketing strategy and setting the sales team up for success. By looping everyone in on your Chatbot strategy, you can bridge the gap between sales and marketing —and convert more prospects into customers.            

Tips for using Chatbots for marketing:

In short frame of time Chatbot emerged as a popular tool for marketing and every business making their own strategy to leverage the power of Chatbot. So here in this article, we are sharing some effective Chatbots digital marketing strategy:   

Gathering initial information from leads:

Chatbot proves an effective tool to gather initial information from leads thereby meaningful conversation can happen with visitors, no matter whether they are a customer or not. Chatbots are a much more personalized way to gather relevant information and time-efficient than gathering the information yourself.         


Need to schedule a sales call? A customer service call? An onboarding session? Instead of going back and forth with your customer, have a Chatbot schedule it for you.    

Answering FAQs:

Nowadays to enhance awareness about their brand every business sets a certain question and its answer which is known as FAQ. Instead of wasting the time and energy to answer those questions every time they’re asked, let the Chatbot do this job.

Greeting customers when they land on the website:

Being a business owner you hire a receptionist who greets every customer when they walked through the door. Chatbot can do the same thing on your website by sending a personalized greeting to every person who lands on your page.   

Conclusion:  Arguably, Chatbot emerged as a popular marketing tool and putting a profound impact in the world of digital marketing. Thereby every business owner adding Chatbot on the website and getting positive outcome. Once you will add Chatbot to your page then you don’t need to do everything from scratch, this machine will handle the many task efficiently which will enable you to focus on other core parts of the business.