10 Website design trend in 2017

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What is Latest Trends for Website Design in 2017

In the digital world, if you want to get a competitive edge over your competitor and want to build a strong online presence of your business then you have to build a website, which not only should appealing and eye- catching but also should reflect the culture and goal of your business. Nowadays just building a website in not enough, rather if you want to fascinate the online visitors and want to bring them on your site then you have to build a simple but stunning website. Now here the question arises that, what is the mean by the simple but stunning website? The answer is, a website which is liked by the search engine as well as the customer. If the design of the website is visually appealing and it is ranking on the first page of Google then it is win- win situation for you. So leaving all the discussion behind, in this blog we are sharing some website design trend which will in trend in 2017 and beyond.

1-ColorColor is always an important ingredient of website design, it is the color which motivates visitors to stay and explore the site further. So which kind of color combination should you choose to design a website? In this blog we are sharing some important color scheme which you should use while designing the website.

ContrastContrast is the difference between two colors and it serves two functions in the web design. It not only improves readability but also draws the attention of the viewers. Whenever you are in doubt that which color combination to choose while designing then it is advisable to choose very light color for the background and very dark color for the text itself.

 Don’t use Vibrating colorOnline visitors don’t like vibrating effect in the design it prevents the user from reading the content. So to improve readability of the content it is advisable to use neutral color in between the two bright color.

Avoid rainbow themeRainbow color on the web designs are unconventional and mislead the visitors so it is our advise to not to use such color combination and try color blocking, card style for the template.

2- CinemagraphsNow Cinemagraphs are in trend. These are the still photos with elements that have repeated movements. A bold and beautiful cinematography are captivating and visually striking. It can be either GIF files or videos can be over 3 MB, so you might want to consider streaming video instead.

3- Material designMaterial design is getting popular since 2014, people are incorporating such design on the website. It is built on the principle of paper and ink, translating the qualities of these into a digital format.

4- Bold and creative typography2016 saw some terribly artistic uses of typography, and 2017 is probably going to still push the boundaries of what designers can do with sort. Expect sort to not solely take up more room on the screen, however additionally expect to visualize additional artistic typefaces than the same old internet fonts you’re accustomed.

5- Modular designModular style isn’t something new, however it’s been gaining quality over the past few years. it’s a style approach employing a standard, block grid pattern to layout components.

6- SVGIf you are looking for some alternatives of logos and other images then it is advisable to use SVG files instead of the PNG and JPG format. Definitely, SVG format is not suited to all images but it is perfectly suited with vector graphics and images like the logo.

7- Flexbox–  Flexbox could be a CSS3 layout mode that produces it far more economical and inevitable once operating with page layouts which will be displayed mistreatment numerous screen sizes and devices. Flexbox has been steady gaining interest, and with it currently being supported by all fashionable browsers.

8- 360 Video and VRTo make your website more fascinating and interesting incorporate 360 videos into your website during 2017. Google VR View is a JavaScript API that easily allows you to add 360 video experiences to your own website.

9- MicrointeractionMicro-interactions are asubtle but powerful way to interact with the website. It is the specific moment when the user interacts with your website. These moments could be liking a Facebook post, rating a song, setting a status message and doing an online search. The sole purpose of micro-interaction is to improve the UX and provide feedback and guidance for the users. The trend of micro-interaction getting popular and hopefully it will more creative in 2017.

10- More emphasis on landing pages and less on a home pageAs we have a tendency to refine content and prefer to highly to share it more, in 2017 we will see an increase in landing page styles rather than a home page style. Whereas each website wants a home page, we feel that as content promoting spreads, marketers can wish to direct traffic to dedicated landing pages to raised target their guests and their needs.