Cool Website Design- What To Do And What Not To Do

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How to make the cool website design? Definitely every one looks for cool website design for their business so people contact with the best web agency to design an eye- catching and visually appealing website. While designing an aesthetically pleasing website the designers of design agency ignore the basic principle of web design and commits a lot of mistakes and end up with poor design. So in this article, we are going to point out those common  mistakes, that will help new and talented designers to design a cool website.     

What to do while designing a website

Keep your page organized and structured– Web visitors are impatient, if the loading time of the website is slow, web pages are in a  haphazard manner, fonts are difficult to read, and colors are annoying then definitely no one is going to stay on the web page. So to fascinate the visitors keep your web page organized  and  well structured thereby readers don’t need to move to another site.   

Focus  on what  is important- Don’t divert from your prime objective while designing a website. If you are designing the website for the sole purpose of selling the products then make sure that the focus on the home page. Allow yourself space on the inner pages to place calls to action for that specific item.  

Choose perfect color scheme-  Colors are the lifeline of web design, combination of perfect color works as a  first impression.  And colors are  also associated  with psychology of visitors, knowing what your readers  emotion will help you to choose the perfect combination of color. For example, if the website in the meditation niche, then bright and loud color scheme will perfect.    

Make the web  page easy to scan-  Visitors will not stay on the site for long time ( five minutes ) to figure out what your website is about and what it has to offer. Make the web page easy to scan, if you want to provide the right information to your readers. Use proper H tags to focus on the important items.

Keep the things  simple-  Sign up form with more than three items (name, email and other item) will have significantly lower sign up rate than easier form. People don’t prefer long and complicated  things on the website so make the things easy and simple.  

Focus on killer copy writing- This is the point that makes the website stand out from the crowd. Killer and punchy words with eye- catching design motivates visitors to stay and explore the website. Choosing the appropriate words for sign up button, page heading, navigation items and call to action can be the  difference between 50% sign up rate and a 90% sign up rate.  

What not to  do while designing a website

Placing irrelevant ads- It is  a very common thing that we see on the website. To  make money from blog or website, people place too many irrelevant  ads. Somewhere this annoy the visitors and they leave the site immediately. It will be better if you blend  the ads with content strategically.  

Trying 20 different colors- Over experiment is harmful, especially if you are doing experiments with color in the web design. Trying 20 different colors not only look bad, but also annoy your readers and drive them away. So make sure that you are blending color perfectly.

Write one paragraph per page, thats length is more than 1000 words- If you are writing long articles more than 1000 words, then nothing can better than this, the longer you write the greater the chance to cover more aspect of the topic. But one thing that stops visitors to subscribe the blog and that is,  writing the longer articles without any paragraph break. This seems small but vital point, that you should not ignore. Break your content in 100 – 150 words paragraph and make it easier to read.   

Stuff your page with full keywords-  Digital marketing is the game of keyword, but it  does not mean  that you should use it in senseless manner. Placing the keyword like this not only annoy visitors, but also very much chance that your website can penalize. So,  place the keyword strategically where they make sense.  

Using too many plugins and heavy images-  To make the design technically effective and eye catching, people use too many plugin and heavy images that reduce the speed of the website. Website that uses two different javascript libraries and more than 10 plugin took around 20 seconds to fully load.   

Invisible links- Invisible link on the website is a blunder. If visitors unable to find the link on the website, then they will leave the site without any delay.Links are an important element, so it will be better to separate the links from the rest of the text and they should change the color after a person click on them.

Visitors Queries-  There are two main reasons that visitors come to your website. First one is to read the blog and second is to purchase products and services. In this scenario , if your business website unable to answer visitors queries then somewhere it is a big mistake, even you might  lose potential customer because they think that you are not able to meet their needs. So make sure that you are designing website for human not for search engine.  

Screen resolution- Literally,  this is the mistake that is generally overlooked by the designers. To offer the  best user experience to your visitors, make sure that website is optimized for different screen device. You must make proper planning before designing process to ensure that your website fit various screens without any hassle.  

Conclusion- It is very true that different technologies, helping the designers to design a cool website. But a website with simple and clear design  considers better in every perspective.  The Website works as an ambassador for the organization, so avoid committing the above written mistakes and follow the above steps ( what to do while designing the website ) to give your visitors a positive user experience.