The Art and Science of Content Marketing in Digital Marketing

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The Art and Science of Content Marketing in Digital Marketing

We don’t need to describe the role of the content marketing in digital marketing, because everyone knows that what a high quality and punchy content can do for a website. Rather in this blog we will walk offbeat and try to understand the content marketing in depth. Literally, whenever it comes to write the content for the  website, things become bit different than traditional   writing, here you cannot write in a flow, rather while writing you have to bear in mind the keyword, search engine and customer. When your content proves justified  with these three, then it is consider SEO friendly content and such type of content appears on top five results on Google with relevant keywords.   

Writing is an art, but content writing is an  art as well as science, especially when you are writing for website.The art of writing evergreen content and the science of understanding the keywords,  Google algorithm,  and plenty of SEO elements. And last but not least you need to do a lot of research to craft out of box and high quality articles. The sole purpose of this blog is to introduce our visitors with specifics of content writing and provide some successful tips thereby they don’t need to wander on other website for more information.          

The science of content marketing  

Content marketing is a science, because with deep research you have to understand the science of Google algorithm, keyword research, on page SEO and internal linking. So in this section we will discuss all those possible topics meticulously, that will help visitors to craft an SEO friendly content.    

Research, research ….and only research

Don’t forget you are writing for the website so very obvious that millions of people will land on your website and read the blog. In this scenario, if your blogs are not punchy and engaging then visitors will leave the site immediately. So research the topic meticulously before writing. Sources like Wikipedia, Google scholar, and Google books can make your research work easy.

Keyword research

If content is the king, then keywords are the heartbeat of digital marketing. No matter how punchy your articles and blogs are, if your keywords are not relevant with content, then no one will find your website. So do the keywords researches properly with tool like Google Keyword Planner. Instead of high competitive keywords, long tail keywords ensure the visibility and ranking of the website.   

Why long tail keywords are effective digital marketing strategy?

If you are really serious to increase the visibility and ranking of the website, then you have to adopt offbeat strategy. It is never easy to bring  the website on the first page of Google with high competitive keyword, because these keywords are dominated by the high authoritative website and they have thousand pages to index, so whenever Google crawls these keywords then high authoritative website dominates the top ten positions on search engine result page and your chance of ranking become very less.  In this scenario long tail keywords are the best option to bring the website on first page of Google.    

Usually the length of long tail keyword is more than three words. We are showing some example that what we did to bring our  website on first page of Google  for  the keyword content marketing agency, if you analyze this keyword on Google keyword planner tool then you will find that competition is medium and more than 100- 1000 monthly visitors. So when you type the content marketing agency on search box of Google then you find that all results are occupied by top website. 

Content marketing agency

Content marketing agency
Content marketing agency

And when you go for long tail keyword reliable content marketing agency then our website appears on second position of search engine result page.

Reliable content marketing agency

Reliable content marketing agency
Reliable content marketing agency

Internal linking:

Internal link is the great and safe way to drive quality traffic to the website. Use of internal link not only adds value to the article linked in the post, but also makes the content relatable by adding related articles. It also proves effective to reduce the bounce rate of the website. For the best user experience it will be better if you add three internal links to each of your posts.  

On page SEO:

In SEO science, on page SEO plays a crucial role, it explains  the search engine what your content is all about so don’t ignore this. Make sure that your written blogs and articles are useful for the readers and please the search spider to rank them for those readers. And last but not least, don’t forget to link to high authority sites this makes the content relevant and more trustworthy.              

The art of content marketing

 Since writing is an art, so content marketing is not different from that. It is also an art of writing evergreen content that can fascinate the readers. So it all depends on you that how you write, here are the following characteristics of evergreen content:    

  • It is unique and original, mean content is not copied from another website that is already published on the web.
  •  It should be relevant whenever you read it.
  • The length of the content should not too short (200- 300 words), rather it should be long and comprehensive and length should be approx 1500 words. 
  • It should optimize for the website.   

How evergreen content creates organic traffic?

If you are writing evergreen content that mean you are crafting the best, and that are going to remain relevant and meaningful, whether you read it now or after five years. Google always looks for such content that can prove beneficial to readers. By applying basic on page SEO techniques on the page sooner or later you will get reward of your hard work and which is no other than increase in organic traffic.            

Tips to create evergreen content

Impress the reader at first glance-  Impress your readers at first glance; craft catchy title and make your first paragraph solid and punchy which can motivate readers to read the whole articles. For example, let’s say you are maintaining blog on health and you have an idea for title: How to control diabetes after fifty without medicine and insulin. This is a catchy title and maximum people will click, so from here you have to fascinate the visitors start your blog something like this:

  • Are you really wanted to get rid of diabetes naturally?
  • You landed on the perfect place, if you are looking for some solid natural treatment of diabetes after fifty.     

Well above  two are just an example, for more idea can you read blogs and articles of good author and get  idea how they start their writing.

Write long and comprehensive-  Visitors read your blog to get some information if they find your blog useful and worthwhile, then they will refer your blog more and more audience in this way your blog can popular in very short time. Long and comprehensive articles are always consider better than short, the longer you write the greater chance to cover more aspect of the topic.

The format should easy to follow-  Generally, online readers dont  like to read essays. Rather, they like some engaging and actionable format like:

  • Top list
  • How to content
  • Tips that help people to achieve a certain goal

Don’t limit yourself to textual content when you are trying to present an evergreen piece, rather to make the post more appealing include video, infographics, and images.

Final thought- No matter whether website or print media writing is an art where your aim should provide value to the readers. And in content marketing things are not so different, you just need to make sure that your post is proving justify with search engine, keywords, and customers because it is an art as well as science.