Top Ten WordPress Plugin in 2016

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WordPress Plugin in 2016

In the content management system, a plugin is the collection of code files that add more features to the website. Here question is that, “How to select the best plugin for the website, especially when you are using a CMS like WordPress.” Literally, it is a very difficult task to select the best plugins for the website, when you have plenty of options to choose. Whatever, without creating any more confusion, we prepared a list of  ten best plugins according to the popularity, quality and usefulness, which you must use. You can say that, these ten are best WordPress plugin in 2016.  

Plugins according to the usefulness:

W3 Total Cache-  W3 Total Cache is specially designed to improve the user experience and page speed by increasing the server performance and reducing the download time.


  • It improves the overall performance of the site by ten times.
  • Improves conversion rate and reduces page load time.
  • Improve performance of web server and ensures the sustain traffic

Akismet- Akismet will check all comments on your website. First, it checks the provided comment for the authenticity and then sort out the spam from the rest. Later, you can review those comments from the admin area of your WordPress site.

I Themes Security- Despite of having all features, it is considered  that WordPress is easy to hack. I Themes security gives you 30 + ways to secure your website and used by many web design and web development company. I Themes Security works to lock down the site, fix common holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials.     

Ultimate Branding- Ultimate Branding is a  fantastic plugin option, it allows you to re- brand the entire admin area of the website- like log in page, dashboard or admin pages.

Broken Link Checker-   As the name suggests, this plugin checks the comments, pages and post on your WordPress site for the broken links and notifications sent to your dashboard or email box.

Features of Broken Link checker-

  • Checks the website and blog for broken links.
  • The free version of Broken Link can scan 3000 page limit, and paid version can scan unlimited number of web pages.
  • Validates both external and internal URLs
  • Reports the error codes ( 404 etc), for all bad and broken links.
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS, Linux/ UNIX and I OS.       

Plugins according to quality and popularity.

Jetpack- Jetpack is free and versatile plugin that will improve speed, traffic and protect your website from hackers.

Features of JetPacks-

  • Jetpack tells you about the traffic, visitors and help you to get more traffic.
  • It protects your website against brute force attacks and unauthorised logins.
  • Jetpack uses content delivery network to improve image performance. This saves the hosting costs by reducing the bandwidth.
  • Jetpack include some other features like Custom CSS, contact forms, Galleries, notification and subscription and many more that users love.   

Duplicator-  Duplicator is a popular and quality plugin, more than 4,80,000 downloads and has an average rating of 4.9 stars. This  plugin will help you to transfer, move, backup and duplicate your total website form one location to another. This tool is great for testing purpose, to test the website you can pull down a production site into  the local machine. You can also do the reverse, develop your site locally and then have it pushed up into the relevant production server.   

WP Google Analytic- WP Google Analytic will allow you to track and view the statistics for single and Multisite installation. The tracking method of this plugins is faster and reliable. This is ideal plugin to track speed of the site and make it easy to track your sites usage, with lots of helpful data.        

Yoast SEO-  Yoast SEO is the popular and complete WordPress SEO plugin to optimize the website. It has some amazing functionality like snippet editor and real time page analysis that will help you to optimize the website, page content, image titles and meta descriptions.  

Floating Social Bar- You can say that Floating Social bar is the best social media plugin for the WordPress and ideal  option for social media marketing. It is slim, fast and easy to use. Usually, people complain about sites  speed, when they integrate social media sharing button on the site. But this plugin is out of box, it will boost social media visibility without impacting the speed of the site. Floating Social Bar adds a horizontal floating share bar to your blog post and other type of post. The floating ability allows the social bar to get you maximum shares.