What To Do & What Not To Do When Using WordPress

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What To Do & What Not To Do Using WordPress

In terms of popularity and traffic, WordPress is most popular content management system. According to the latest report in 20 may 2016, WordPress is used by 59.4% of all websites. Due to the reliability and popularity, web Design Company has chosen this platform for their website. Presently, websites using various versions of WordPress and with the passage of time, WordPress launched different versions.

  • Version 4 is used by 86.6% of all the websites who uses WordPress
  • Version 3 is used by 12.5% of all the websites who uses WordPress
  • Version 2 is used by 0.9% and version 1 is used by less than 0.1% of all websites who uses WordPress. 

Now here is the question, “How to use WordPress?” At a glance, this question seems bullshit. But literally many people don’t know, what to do and what not to do with this CMS. Due to user friendly design and interface they make many mistakes and later they complain. So to help you out, in this article we will discuss, “what to do & what not to do when using WordPress”    

What to do when using WordPress

Always create a  new database- When you are using WordPress, then never reuse an existing database user for the WordPress database. This is the golden rule. Here new database is mandatory to save the post and other types of content. The database can only be accessed by a database user and password. So, if you use the database for the other purpose, then you need to change the password and the website. In this scenario WordPress site is very likely to break.  

Install Google Analytic- After creating a website people are very curious to know about the performance of the website. Google Analytic is the wonderful tool that you must install. It will give you each detail like, where the traffics are coming from, how long an average person spends on specific page, whether they return or never come back. In short, this tool will help you to take then right decisions as what to do with the website.  

Use social media-  Social media marketing is a robust platform to promote the website and articles. Create an  account for your business on the giant social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This will increase traffic to your website when search engine index it as well.  

Create a strong and complicated password- Security should top priority, it is considered  that WordPress websites are very easy to hack. So it will better if you adopt a long, strong and complicated password and change it after every three months to keep the website safe from evil eyes of hackers. Don’t relax here, keep the plugins and themes updated.    

Use backup plugins– You never know that when bad luck comes around you and your website suddenly crashes. Within a short span of time everything will be gone in a blink of an eye. It may result from traffic overload or server malfunction. Backup plugin will prepare you for the disaster before it happens. Some plugins like Backup Buddy and  BackUp WordPress are good backup plugin.   

Use videos and pictures- Include video and picture in the website, this will make the website more appealing and eye catching. Definitely, creative and out of box content will make your website different from the rest,  but adding pictures and videos will icing on the  cake. Visitors will stay on the site for the long time. However, don’t overdo it, too much of anything annoys the visitors. Use videos and pictures to make your text more informative, so  don’t let them take up too much space on the website.      

What not  to do when using WordPress  

Purchase poor hosting- Never go for poor hosting services. Literally, some company offers domain name but offers cheap hosting services. Some common problems can be involved with server time out rate. BlueHost and SiteGround are popular web hosting among WordPress users, they offer simple, secure and fast managed hosting solution.   

Copyright Data- The content of the website should be clear, fresh and punchy, never use copyright data on the website. This depreciates the online value of the website, even you may lose trust of many potential and regular visitors.

Too many categories- Too much experiment and categories can harmful for website. Keep  the design simple and make sure that there are only necessary categories.

Capitalize all when writing–  Here we don’t want to create any confusion, just remember some vital points. When writing titles don’t forget to capitalize such components as Noun, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and subordinate conjunctions ( because,since, as etc.) and don’t capitalize articles ( a, an, the), coordinate junctions ( and, but, or, etc.) and prepositions ( on, in, at, etc.)    

Wrapping Up- Here all points are points are very simple and clear, there is nothing like rocket science. Adopt above measures, these will keep the WordPress safe and secure.