Smart and Effective On Page SEO Techniques to Double Search Traffic

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Double your search traffic”, this sentence seems like marketing hype. Almost, every SEO services provider promises their client to double your search traffic, but how far their promises really works, this is a really a big question mark. Literally, SEO is a job, where you cannot predict anything because SEO has no fixed rule, you have to fully dependent on search engine. You can say that this is an ugly aspect of SEO. Sometime it is very discouraging, when you make everything perfect and then to learn that due to changes in the algorithm, your sites dropped to 100 positions down.        

“ Double search traffic” is not rocket science. Literally, here you need to adopt proper strategy and methods. On page and off page optimization is integral part of SEO, where blogs, articles and press release submission is the off page SEO work on the other side use of proper heading, placement of keywords, quality of the content and many other factors include in on page SEO techniques. In this article we will highlight smart and effective on page SEO techniques which will really double your search traffic.

On Page SEO Techniques to Double the Search Traffic

Use targeted keyword at the beginning of title tags- Include targeted keyword at beginning of the title tag and don’t repeat that particular keyword in the title again and again. The length of the title tag should not exceed more than 65 characters.  

Page Titles- Page title is vital for web page and one of the most important SEO Factor on your site. It should be unique and creative and don’t forget to include main keyword on the web page. For example, you are writing about web design, then it will be much better if you  select keyword like, “web design company”, “website design company Delhi”, “affordable web design”

This way, whenever someone searches for web design company in search engine, your post has a better chance of showing up because you have included those keywords.  

Meta Tags– Meta keywords are essential for search engine like Bing, but for Google meta tags are no more important. However, for better visibility and traffic you should add unique and relevant meta keyword and meta description with each of your blog post.  

Keyword density- You cannot  deny the importance of keyword in digital marketing, whether it is an article, blog or Press Release the density of the keyword should be 1.5%. For better understanding bold, italic and underline to highlight the important keywords.

Role of the content- In the arena of digital marketing, content is the king. Search engine loves updated website and fresh content. Content should be punchy and unique, if you are unable to write effective content, then visitors will leave your blog immediately. This will result in higher bounce rate  for your blog.  

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Internal linking- Internal linking is the powerful weapon in the SEO arsenal, It impels visitors to navigate around your site and find all of your content. It also ensures that your site gets properly crawled allowing the search engine to find all the pages.    

Image SEO- Images are worth of thousand words, use relevant images to boost visibility and ranking of the site. Include all relevant keyword in image this will help people find your site when searching on Google Images.

Conclusion- These sevens are tried and tested on page SEO techniques that can double your search traffic. Apart from that you have to consider the following points

  • Meta title and meta description should less than 65 and 150 characters respectively
  • If you are using social SEO plugin, then don’t forget to add images for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Include social sharing button at the end of the post
  • Have related post after blog post to lower down the bounce rate.