Eight Golden Rules To Boost The Performance of Android Application Development

Android Application Development
Android Application Development

Mobile is integral part of our life, with the  passage of time people are observing latest mobile phones. Nowadays smartphones are boon for the general public, its affordable cost and smart designs are fascinating crowd. Markets are flooded with latest smart phone, we can observe a healthy competition among mobile handset companies.  Android smart phone is most preferred mobile handset among masses, its affordable cost and easy operation makes it a top choice among folks.

 Android app development is the need of changing world, it provides great prospects for mobile app development company. The Android app development kit is also known as Android SDK. Android SDK is complete set of app development. With rapid development of Andriod it is essential to consider the performance of the application. There are numbers of tools include in Android SDK for debugging the word class, which can easily identify the power and performance in Android applications.

 Literally, Battery life of the Android is one of the most common measures of performance.  Battery will drain quickly, if the application is not effective.So the performance of application can be optimized for better life. According to the loading and storage, Android applications for laptops, and other portable devices such as smart phone comes with limited application, reliability and effectiveness are the first and foremost priority for quality application development.

Here are the eight golden rules to boost the performance of android application development

  • Avoid other things which are not required for application,  this is the first rule for optimizing the performance  of your application. Many fresher Android developers ignore these things related to the application this lead to a poor application development.
  • Try to create something innovative and meaningful, which can fascinate user. Because user always looks for the best and latest technology, which can fulfill their needs.
  • One of the best idea for best and successful Android application development is, reduce the complexity of the layout and keep it simpler.
  • Try to avoid floating method go for another option, integer will be better than floating. Literally in term of speed you will found no difference between floating and integer, but floating takes two times more space than integer.
  • Relative layout or Grid layout is better option for designing, simple layout is easy to understand as well as it increases  the performance of application in Android.
  • In order to optimized the query of application, try  to develop an index of the database.
  • Precompiled SQL statement or careers are better option for application development.
  • Go for the native methods, if they are necessary.