What Is OsCommerce And What Is The Importance Of Oscommerce Web Development


Oscommerce website development

OsCommerce stand for “open source Commerce”. And it is e-commerce and online store management software program. It can easily use any web server which has PHP and MySQL installed. And the best, plus point is that it is easily available on the internet free of cost under the GNU (General Public License).

Firstly, OsCommerce has started in march 2000 in Germany by project founder and leader Harald Ponce de Leon as The Exchange Project. In the starting, it has designated to by Ponce de Leon as “a side thing” and “an example research study”. By in the end of 2001, a team has constituted for OsCommerce development and in the words of HPDL, finally team has started taking the project seriously.

August 2008, all most 14,000 live website creates using the OsCommerce. This number is totally conservative.

Importance of Oscommerce Web Development

OsCommerce provides the many functionalities for creating the shopping website. Normally, Oscommerce development includes the features For Example:

It provides Category and Product Management, Multilingual Support, Multi Currency Support, Order Management, Multiple Billing And Shipping address, Newsletter feature, Quick and advanced search feature, Product review, List the most viewed, popular, special product, Out of stock products can be listed, Guest checkout and account holder checkout, Shipping functionality, Payment Process and Services, Tax management, Secure gateway for online transactions and maany more.

This list is a short list of Oscommerce features other than this many features available in the OsCommerce development. If your developers highly skilled and qualified so can make a highly interactive eCommerce environment website with custom application and module development.

If Oscommerce developers face any type of problem in creating the shopping website using Oscommerce to fit the complete requirement of our customers when creating the those websites so They participates in the Oscommerce community forum and sharing their problems and idea which you can easily find and join on the internet.

Oscommerce provide our clients to add unlimited product categories and subcategories. And it is also provided to their users easily add, edit, and remove products, categories, manufacturers, customers and reviews.

Any online merchants can easily and having less time create full customize website, including all features and functionalities.

Oscommerce use an indexed database so it can easily handle a huge number of products.

Oscommerce provide many types of shipping, payments and tax options for our online merchants. And it supports multiple languages and currencies.

Oscommerce provide our online merchants take database backup and restore. For example, Oscommerce automatic update the currency exchange rates. So Oscommerce our users a all control over displaying products in a customized manner.

Oscommerce provide our users to display the both site banners like static and dynamic having complete detailed statistics.