Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing?

TIS is full fledged and reliable digital marketing agency has strong and skilled team of digital marketing expert who makes constructive and innovative marketing strategy to deliver a result oriented solution. Our marketing campaigns are supported and run by known experts who have an excellent track record and ensure highest ROI. Our marketing consultant understands the customer’s journey from awareness to consideration to purchase so we strive to develop an offbeat marketing strategy which proves productive and fruitfu.

Our plans start with a healthy conversation with clients which clear their precise need. According to the business needs we develop a solid, practical, and engaging marketing strategy which proves surefire buzzword for business success. From simple to complicated projects we make winning end to end strategy which proves effective and positive for business. Our sole purpose is to help you build a connected brand while achieving business objective and healthy ROI. To achieve the goal we build super marketing strategy on each channel like Facebook, Twitter etc. which ensures maximum ROI.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Services Includes:
Display Advertisement

Eye- catching and fascinating display ads that will communicate the message of the organization effectively.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
Content Marketing

High quality, fresh, and Punchy content to boost visibility and ranking of the website on leading search engine.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
Paid Advertising

We have talented team of digital marketers who are well versed with online marketing, use paid advertising efficiently to enhance brand value of the business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Systematic and constructive optimization methods to increase the number of visitors and turn them into customers.

Email Marketing

We offer modular, scalable and affordable email marketing services, that will help you to dominate the market and establish better relationship with clients.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
Mobile Marketing

We offer clean and impeccable mobile marketing services like SMS marketing, push notification, app based marketing and location based marketing.

Search engine optimization

Why SEO?

Optimization of a website needs the complete SEO solution implemented correctly. Stabilization of a website with continuous high page ranking depends on frequent quality SEO work. Incorporated SEO work helps search engine crawlers to crawl over the website and rank it high on search engine.We are one of the best SEO expert company providing affordable and effective SEO work. Every SEO providing company used to claim high irrespective of their capability to provide the professional SEO consulting work. Our correct amount of professional SEO work boosts a website to rank high continuously for a long period of time. Our professional SEO consulting on regular basis update our clients with Baseline report, Optimization report and Progress Report. No other SEO firm India is providing all the three reports at a time.

Almost every time Target Internet Services a web design and development company dignifiedly accomplish the accurate use of SEO work needed for a website. We optimize a website with long analysis over keywords, meta tags, links requirements, blog/articles/forum requirements, directory submission requirements, social networking websites add-ons requirements.

Search engine optimization
SEO Services Includes:
Digital Marketing Agency in India
SEO Audit Report

We prepare a comprehensive and transparent SEO audit report that can implement on the website to boost ranking and visibility of the website.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
Branding & Reputation Management

We have awesome marketing strategy and fundamentals to build the reputation of the brand which remain long lasting.

Best SEO Consultant in India
SEO Consulting

We offer top notch SEO consulting services not only to ensure ranking of the site, but also help you to get more business.

Affordable SEO Services in India
On Page SEO

Intelligent and diligent SEO professional offers smart and effective on page SEO techniques to double search traffic.

Affordable SEO Services in India
Off Page SEO

Strong team of web research expert work on link building, social media marketing, and social bookmarking for getting maximum quality backlinks.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
Blog Management

Expert team of authors love to write high quality, punchy, and engaging blogs for your products and services.

social media optimization

Why SMO?

Social Media Market, a huge platform for promotion and to increase sales of products and services. Social media significantly vast virtual world to reach potential customers utilizing internet medium like desktops, laptops, mobiles, i-pads, tablets. Social Media like social networking sites, video sharing sites, blog related sites and article related sites are affordable and efficient medium of marketing of individual, company or organization. Social Media openness in products/services presentation, individual participation and discussion on topics related to company's promotional products/services provides a virtually strong platform to advertise and intend visitors to invest on them.

TIS guarantee successful social media implementation by analysing social media analytical reports and campaigning accordingly. TIS professional team endeavours to get the profit-oriented social media ROI nearly equal or above investment. TIS keen view on social media results in creation of special campaign which will attract visitors and gradually assuring them for quality investment.

social media optimization
SMO Services Includes:
Digital Marketing Agency in India
Facebook page integration

We have an enthusiastic team of developers who will help you to integrate Facebook page with any type of web application.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
Twitter account integration

Incorporating Twitter social platform in web and mobile applications, we help business show and get user engagement on their web.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
YouTube video production

We implementing the essential YouTube channel building and management tips help you reach out to more fans.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
Google Plus Page Integration

Our team provides fast and easy implementation techniques with google plus api. We are updated with the best method of updations on any type of api change.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
LinkedIn Account Integration

The complete Likedin account is integrated and managed by the professionals using out of the box branding strategy.

Digital Marketing Agency in India
Pinterest Account Integration

We offer Pinterest integration with your website or mobile application, this increases content viewers count and hence more publicity.

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