Our Vital Steps to Accomplish Every Web Project

We have spent glorious one decade in the arena of website design and development. Literally, building a website is not only the source of bread and butter for us, rather we feel immense pleasure to capture the imagination of the clients and broadcasting it in the form of finest digital image. We are grilled by passion and fuelled to explore the new horizon at works. We accept every web project as a challengeand leave no stone unturned to deliver the best. Our working process is simple and transparent, we adopt following steps to accomplish every web project.

A healthy conversation with clients: Getting to know each other

We believe success of every web project depends on a healthy conversation. So, first of all, we commence our work with a strategic business conversation. We discuss each and every aspect of the project meticulously, we share ideas and communicate, the vision for new website, in this way we understand client’s need and understand each other.

Architecture and Strategy: Determining the form and function

Before commencement of project, we arrange a design inception workshop for you, in this phase we prepare a blueprint for overall structure of the site. This proves helpful to narrow down the attributes of the sites like different styles and designs, which you are looking for to create something stunning and eye- catching.

Design: Let’s make it stunning and appealing

After architecture and strategy, designer’s team use rock- solid HTML 5 to craft a stunning and appealing website. With proper strategy, they begin to build out your website architecture, layout templates and content management system thereby site will easy to navigate, easy to interact with working links, menu and forms. Upon approval and suggestions from your end, we include the data, finalise the design and live the website.

Responsive: Make the site scalable and flexible

To make the site scalable and flexible across all devices and browsers, we use latest CSS3 techniques. This ensures site will run smoothly without any developer’s intervention. Now a days , Most of the developer around the world using CSS based frameworks for Website Development at Frontend. Website speed and accuracy defines the scalabilty of website. Website should be robustness and run everywhere.

Development: Turn the design into clean code

After everything is clear from your end, our developers will jump in the project and they will turn the design into clean code. Our front-end developers will ensure that your design to look great on the web, whilst our back-end developers will develop a fully functioning, customized CMS so you can edit the site without getting your hand dirty on coding.

Test: To ensure new site look perfect on any device

We test the website meticulously, before anything goes live. Our testing engineers ensures the flexibility and scalability of the website on any device, they also check there is nothing missing from the original designs, in this way your site become perfect and ready for the online world. Websites should run on mobile, desktop, tablet etc.

Site launch: Time to show the world your new look

The countdown begins!!!! Yes, after quality testing it is a perfect time to show the world your new look. We launch the site on the web for the sophisticated online folks. We submit the URL to leading search engine and marks the completion of the project. We have used so much structured and standard code for Google to understand the website and its content. Website should be SEO friendly. You have to make your website User friendly because this is the demand of Digital IT world.

Meeting with digital marketing team: To make the website lovable to search engine and people

Now the million dollar question is, “How to bring your website in front of large crowd?” No matter how beautiful the design is, if people unable to find your website with certain keywords, then your entire toil will spoil. In this scenario our digital marketing experts come in. Our experts will analyse your online requirement meticulously and ensure your website is going to be lovable to search engine and customers.

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