Which One is better? – Angular JS vs. BackBone JS vs. Ember JS

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Lately, we observed massive growth in the world of web, Web Design and Development Company always keeps their finger on the pulse to seize the latest technology and trend in the world of web. Choosing the right framework is crucial for web project, it determines your ability to maintain your code in the future. Small and medium web application Development Company emphasizes on framework because it helps the developers to develop faster and better.

Better, because a framework helps developers to develop an application, that not only full compliance with the business rule, but also it can maintain and upgrade later. And faster, because it allows developers to use re- using generic module, this saves time and help developers to focus on other area.  AngularJS, React, Backbone, Ember and JQuery are the  popular JavaScript framework, in this article we will discuss and compare three popular framework AngularJS vs. Backbone vs. Ember.  


Angular JS- Angular JS is the popular open source framework  supported by Google and used by web developers to build and maintain the complicated  web application. Two way data binding between model and views, dependency injection, easy testing of the code and extend the capabilities of HTML by using directives are the unique and innovative features of Angular JS. It is used, when you need  a single modular framework to handle everything while building a complicated web front- end application.

Backbone- This is the lightweight and full featured Javascript framework. Backbone is easy, simple and small size Javascript framework that helps developers to build apps within no time.  It is so flexible that by writing code or using third party javascript framework, you can build anything on top of it. In short, this framework will help you to build a single web page application without offering too much complexity. Backbone is framework for simple web applications.  

Ember- Ember is the open source, powerful MVC JavaScript framework and very similar to Angular JS. This framework has an active community of developers and suitable to build interactive front-end user interfaces. It also rides on the principal of two way data binding like Angular JS. You can extend HTML with your own tags by using the concept of web component. Ember framework is used when you don’t need flexibility because you are on tight budget and deadlines.

The Pros and Cons of Angular JS

The pros of Angular JS-

  • It brings many innovative concepts like two way data binding saves a lot of boilerplate code.
  • Angular JS backed up and supported by Google, and much more online content than Backbone and Ember.
  • Categorization of the application with Angular JS is very easy. You can categorized your application building block into several types: Controller, Directories, Factories, Filters, services and views.

The cons of Angular JS-

  • Complicated directives and difficult to understand the concepts like compiling function, pre/ post linking function and all the other configuration setting for directives.
  • Angular uses Prototypal Inheritance,which is a new concept for people coming from languages such as Java and C#.

The Pros And Cons of Backbone JS

The pros of Backbone JS-

  • Easy, fast and lightweight framework so very easy to understand the documentation and codes. Which explains how it will work.
  • Very easy to build your own framework in no time.

The cons of backbone JS-

  • The biggest drawback of Backbone is that, instead of providing structure, it provides some basic tools to create structure. So, somewhere you have to depend on developers to decide how to structure the application.   
  • To update the view whenever your model changes, and to update the model whenever your view changes, you have to write a lot of boilerplate, because of  lack support for two way data binding. 

The Pros And Cons of Ember JS-

The pros of Ember JS-

  • A lot of community modules and relatively popular.
  • Very easy to share the templates between server and client side rendering.
  • Two way data binding is easier than dirty checking

The cons of Ember JS-

  • Not as powerful as AngularJS and more  difficult to learn than Angular JS.
  • Due to helper function two way data binding is more complicated. 
Which One is better? – Angular JS vs. BackBone JS vs. Ember JS
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