Unbiased Comparison between PHP and ASP.NET

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Difference Between PHP and ASP.NET

PHP and .NET are two heavy weight contender in the arena of web development. Both are extremely popular and extensively used to develop website. Where PHP is the most popular web programming language, the same .NET has special feature and backed by Microsoft itself. In this scenario one question arises automatically that which one is better between PHP and .NET. We know you have read several blogs and forums on this topic, but unfortunately maximum writers failed to explain the unbiased comparison between two, even their collected information is too old and outdated. So being prestigious web agency we understand our job and it is our responsibility to provide the accurate information to our readers. So in this blog we will compare these two programming language on  emerging patterns like cost, scalability, performance, tools & editors and ease of learning and will reach to right conclusion.

PHP Overview- PHP is the most popular web programming language. With easy learning curve and large community support PHP shares 57% of market share. According to the statistics and research it is found that PHP is installed on over 244 million websites, additionally to simplify the web development PHP has maximum numbers of framework. Some of the major website like WordPress and Facebook use PHP.

ASP.NET Overview- Definitely ASP.NET is not as popular as PHP but this language has some special feature and offers highest level of security. It is developed by Microsoft to provide developers an easy scripting tool to build a website. Some of the major website like PlentyOffish and Myspace use ASP.NET.

Comparison between PHP and ASP.NET

Cost: When it comes to cost then PHP has distinct advantage over .NET. PHP runs on Linux web hosting and can be used on Window, Mac or Linux and additionally supported by number of free and paid IDEs.

There is substantial cost for Microsoft window server. For example the cost of 64 bit Microsoft server R2 is 1200 USD and Microsoft server 2008 standard edition for small business cost is 1000USD.

Scalability-First of all we would like to clear that scalability has nothing to do with whether you choose PHP or ASP.NET. The scalability of the web application entirely depends on programmer’s experience and practice, it depends on caliber of developers that how they scale their system to meet the highest level of quality.  Both ASP.NET and PHP are highly scalable. Where Facebook originally built on PHP, the same Myspace (world’s favourite social network) built on .NET. So according to scalability, no one is superior, rather tie between .NET and PHP.

Performance-Literally, this is the most crucial point of our blog. If you see other blogs, forums and Quora, you will find that maximum writers and bloggers tailored their content to promote the specific language instead of informing audience. But here we will analyse this point unbiasedly.  We will analyse the performance according to database and operating system (OS).

1Database– Literally, there is not very big difference between performance of .NET and PHP. Generally, the performance for web application is the function of the interaction between script, database and server. Most web application written in PHP follows the lamp stack, Linux (OS), Ajax (server), MySQL (database), PHP (scripting language). The lamp stack is extremely popular for web development so it is extensively optimized for improved performance.

The database often use with ASP.NET is Microsoft SQL although MySQL also can be used. The performance difference between PHP+ My SQL stack and MS SQL are very small. Since Lamp stack is extensively optimised so PHP is slightly better than .NET.

2- Operating system- Operating system and file system on the server affects the performance of web programming language. Since PHP application runs on operating system Linux and file system ext 4, and .NET application runs on window and file system NTFS. According to the many test it is also find that Linux and ext4 file system have better I/O performance than window and NTFS file. Thus here PHP proves better than .NET.

Support- PHP is the most popular scripting language so a strong community of developers contribute to PHP development. Additionally the open source community tend to very helpful which is a plus point for newbie’s. Microsoft.NET has also strong community of developers but not as vibrant as PHP.

Tools and Editors- Instead of full-fledge IDE maximum PHP developers use VIM and notepad ++. However, if you want to use IDE then there is solid support for PHP in free editors like Eclipse.

.NET developers use Microsoft visual studio. MS visual studio is powerful and flexible but it is not free. However if you are ready to purchase this tool, then you will find that no PHP editor/ IDE comes even close to visual studio.

Ease of learning– .NET is built on C# and C# is built on C which is difficult for beginners, additionally the syntax of .NET is complicated and difficult to read even experienced programmers face difficulties to read syntax. Overall .NET is difficult for beginners. On the other hand PHP is not as complicated as .NET, it is easy to learn.

Conclusion- .NET and PHP both are powerful and popular programming language. It depends on your skill and practise that which suits you best. We compared both on the basis of emerging pattern, if we missed something then please let us know. Thank you.

Unbiased Comparison between PHP and ASP.NET
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