Top Ten SEO Strategies and Techniques of 2017

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SEO Strategies and Techniques of 2017

The online world is competitive and complicated than ever, there is no short cut if you are looking for massive organic traffic to your site and being prestigious web agency we understand the importance of organic traffic so in this blog we are going to describe some important SEO techniques and strategies that will prove super hit in 2017 and beyond.

Smart Phone is the future- In this cyber age smart phone is the most popular way to browse internet. According to the research by Ofcom, it is found that more than a third of all adults (those aged between 18-24) use their smart phone within five minute of waking up so in this scenario it is not very difficult to understand that if you have not responsive website then definitely you are going to lose a large number of audience and this could be serious damage for the business.

Epic content- Content is an integral part of digital marketing. Well researched and in depth articles and blogs doubles the conversion rate. Professional Web Design Company never limit to their knowledge to just a cool website design and optimization, rather they believe to craft high quality content. Don’t write for the sole purpose of link building and to get organic traffic, rather whatever you write, it should be comprehensive and informative thereby visitors don’t need to move competitor website for further information.

Voice Search-. Maximum people don’t type the complete query in the search box of Google, they just type the short phrase of sentences it is something like, “SEO services” And when you speak, you are more likely to ask the complete question like,“Affordable SEO services for small business.” The rise of voice search proves smarter than ever before and this is going to change the landscape of SEO and it will one of the important SEO strategy that will prove super hit in 2017 and beyond. People who are serious about the business, they must incorporate voice search strategy into their website. Siri, and Cortana are two important intelligent virtual assistants that you must incorporate into website. Following optimization strategies you need to adopt when you go for voice search.

  • Focus on long tail keyword.
  • Provide context with schema Markup.
  • Optimize the micro data of the site.
  • Add pages that answers FAQS.
  • Do keyword research on conversational queries.

Micro Formats- First of all we would like to define the Micro Formats, literally Micro Formats are bit of code that tells search engine about the kind of data and it helps search engine to know your website better. Google use the information from the micro formats to present the SERP listing. If your website includes articles, reviews, products, location then you might benefits from applying micro formats.

Make your site super-fast- In the world of web, speed of the site play a crucial role to fascinate the visitors. If the speed of the site is too slow then visitors will leave your site immediately. Remove unnecessary images, plugins, and widgets to improve speed of the site. Read our blog- Proactive steps to speeding up WordPress website, if you are serious about website speed.

Make a strong presence on social media- Use power of social media platform like Facebook and Twitter to promote your brand and services. Make a strong presence on social media, this is the place from where you can reach thousands of new audience and create your organization a brand.

Go for quality link building- There is no short cut for quality link building, you have to work hard and need to write the great content which can satisfy the need of audience. High quality guest post is the best way to get quality links.

Use long tail keywords- Keywords are the lifeline of digital marketing and with the passage of time the needs of people become more complex, now they don’t type two or three words in the search box of Google for any query rather they ask a long and complete question to Google. This indicates that short keywords are no more in trend and long tail keywords are thriving, in fact these types of keyword will decide visibility and ranking of the website in future. So it will be better to include long tail keyword in your SEO strategy. These types of keywords are low competitive, high conversion rate, and more specific to your products and services.

Switch your website to HTTPS- To save your site from evil eyes of hackers, it is better to switch your website to HTTPS especially is case of cash transaction. HTTPS sites are secure than HTTP, even Google gives a ranking boost to secure hyperlink transfer protocols.

Don’t ignore the search engine like Yahoo and Bing- Definitely Google is the most popular search engine in the planet, but with the passage of time the world of internet doesn’t revolve around only Google, rather Bing and Yahoo are also important. There are still users who prefer Yahoo and Bing so don’t restrict your SEO strategy within Google rather develop an effective and efficient strategy for these two also.

Wrapping Up- Literally in today’s online world nothing is permanent, specially ranking of the website. You need to do incessant research and toil to maintain your ranking. Above ten SEO strategies are tried and tested which will prove super hit in 2017 and prove game changer for business. 

Top Ten SEO Strategies and Techniques of 2017
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