Top 5 Plugin That Is Must For Every WordPress Website

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Top 5 Marketing Plugins

Web Design and Development Company is now emphasizing on tracking of the data, because the more data they track, the better they will be able to make marketing decisions. Lately, developers developed a plugin that will let you track your data and boost your marketing tactics. In this blog, we will discuss important plugins that every website owner must use on their website.     

JetPack – JetPack is free, and excellent WordPress plugin comes with some exceptional features. This plugin will give you a  clear idea that how many visits your sites,  security services and help you to get high-quality traffic. Quality features of JetPack:

  • Protect the site against brute force attack and unauthorized logins.
  • Improves performance of the image, and optimizes the images automatically.
  • You don’t need to worry about the managing the site. It will manage plugins, menus, and publish posts.
  • Additionally, for the ease of usefulness some other features like custom CSS, contact forms, notification and subscription and dedicated support.

 WP Google Analytic Events– WP Google Analytics Event is the excellent plugin that will enable you to see the various events on the website, such as a  click based download, scroll tracking, video engagement and its activity, etc. After installation of this plugin on WordPress site you just need to input your Analytic ID and start setting up GA events right from the WordPress dashboard.  

LeadIn– Leadin is the super marketing analytic plugin for the website and extensively used by the marketing team of Web Application Development Company that help you to understand your web visitors. This tool gives you precise information that who is on your site and what they are doing. Quality features of Leadin:

  • Automatically finds publicly available information such as location, work, history, and company info that give you more context.
  • Leadin sync your contact to an email list. 

Title Experiments Free– Title is most crucial elements of the blog, catchy and punchy title pull the attention of readers. So we have no doubt to say that title can make or break your blog post. Title Experiment Free is the excellent plugin that will help you to identify what title is most suitable for your blog post. This plugin will help you to figure out how many people are viewing the article with that particular title. Additionally, this plugin will suggest the best title for your blog, so you don’t need to worry about the about the precise title.  

Skystats– While marketing the website across a different channel, it is very challenging as well as time taken process to log in Google Analytic to see the web stats, Facebook Insights to see how the post is performing on Facebook, Adwords to view the PPC campaign data. Skystats is the all –in-one plugin that helps you to see the data of the different channels on a single dashboard. Different channels like Google Analytic, Facebook Insights, Google Adwords, Twitter Analytic, MailChimp campaign statistics, etc. are integrated into the marketing dashboard. This plugin is free for a website, but to track more sites, you need to pay a subscription fee of 25 USD.

Wrapping It Up– As the online competition is getting tougher and tougher, so tracking of the data is now more important. This helps you to make a better marketing decision. Above five plugins are best to track the data and boost the marketing tactics.

Top 5 Plugin That Is Must For Every WordPress Website
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