Ten Excellent Tips To Increase Visitors On Page Time And Reduce Bounce Rate

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Ten Excellent Tips To Increase Visitors

Are there any secret to keep  the visitors on the site and reduce bounce rate? Literally more than 70% people often complain about these things, and they unable to find the concrete solution of such problems. Visitors leave the site immediately, when they either don’t get the desired information or web design elements  like photo, typography, and colors are annoying. Why people leave the site immediately  without clicking anywhere else, no one can tell better than them. So from here one question arise what to do to improve visitors on page time and reduce bounce rate. In this blog we will discuss those attributes which makes the website compelling.

1- Improve readability of the content- Your cool website design will useless, if the content of the website is not readable due to chunk paragraph. If a website is body, then content is the blood that runs in the veins of the website. So make your blog easy to read. Here we are sharing some tips that will help you to write  clean and readable content.

Tips to write clean and readable content:

  •  To throw more light on the topic, use subheadings.
  • Use bullet points to explain benefits
  • Use plenty of charts, screenshots, images, and quotes where appropriate.
  • Better to bold the keywords, but don’t overdo this.
  • To make the blogs and articles more interesting ask a lot of questions, this motivates visitors to participate.
  • As the old saying goes, “All’s well that ends well”  So end your content with solid and actionable conclusion.   

2- Avoid Popups- It is tried and tested experiments that visitors hate irrelevant  pop-ups, even Google started penalizing the website that use meaningless popups. According to research it is found that only 14% responds to a popup ad. So it will be better to remove popups.

3- Compelling call to action- According to the stats, it is found that more than 47% of the website have clear call to action button that takes users three second or less to see.  Call to action is one of the important element of the website, it engages users and lead them to resource page on your site thus reducing bounce rate.  So it is mandatory to make it compelling and actionable. Here we are sharing some tips, that will help you to write  an  effective call to action.   

Tips to write  an effective call to action:

Start with verbs- Verb proves  more effective to write punchy and effective CTA. It gives a  clear message to readers what you want them to do. Following examples examples will clear your concept.

Don’t write: Ready to get started.  Write: Get started now. This kind of sentence proves more effective. Here you make sure that button to buy or sign- up should be above the fold, no scrolling required.

Add few adjective –  The combination of adverb and adjectives can get in the way of the action you want your readers to take. It will be better to avoid words ending in –ly. For example-“ click here” is better than “click here quickly”

Keep things simple and precise – Here  don’t need to do  too much experiment, rather use the  power of language. Use words that are simple and common, any jargon or word that feels “ empty” can be ignored by the readers.

4- Tell a story- If you really want to fascinate the visitors, then start your content with an engaging story. Storytelling captivates the mind of your target audience and makes the content appealing and dynamic. Following tips will help you to write an engaging story.

  • We see a lot of movies, where the  hero plays an anchor role and the  whole story revolves around him. Similarly, while writing the website content make customer the hero.
  •  While writing the content, be truthful and honest. Don’t lie to your customer, if there is a story of failure then don’t shrink away to share them. Generally this kind of story bring more and more audience to the website, because they love hear and read such motivating stories.  

5-  Write relevant content- Write the relevant and useful content which can prove beneficial to reduce bounce rate. According to stats it is found that blogs with fresh content generates 126% more lead  than those who don’t. Adding fresh content on a  regular basis builds momentum and establish trust.  

6- Employ interactivity- Animation and other form of interactive elements like short video, hero images, creative calculators and infographics do  a  better job to hold attention of the visitors and propels them through your site.

7- Add live chat- Sometimes it is really frustrating for visitors when they cannot find answers to their question. By putting a live chat module on your site, you can make sure you have got someone there to answer questions of visitors.

8- Optimize Your Image- Images are worth a thousand words and essential  part of web design. Images rejuvenate the old website and establish a tone, set the space, and tells visitors about the business in an effective manner. If you have a  WordPress website then WP SMUSH PRO  is the awesome plugin that compresses your images without reducing the quality.  

9- Revamp Your Menu- If visitors deviate from pre- determined path you have established for them, then something is wrong with  your navigation. Make sure that site easy to navigate.  Intuitive navigation, if you want to have a successful website. This will help you to create user friendly website.

10-  Use a new theme- Sticking with the old design and  theme is not good, give some new and attractive look to your site. Find new  and eye- catching theme that can fascinate the visitor at first glance and make the site stand out from then crowd.

Wrapping Up- You want to increase visitors on page time and reduce bounce rate, right, so don’t go for complete change rather figure out the loopholes and fix that. This will make a huge difference in the reception of your site. Above ten are tried and tested, so contact us now to make your website compelling. We have dedicated and experienced team of professionals who use cutting edge technology and leave no stone unturned to improve overall health of the website. 

Ten Excellent Tips To Increase Visitors On Page Time And Reduce Bounce Rate
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