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PHP Development
PHP Overview

In 1994, PHP is created by Ramus Ledorf, initially it was stand for personal home page now it stand for hypertext preprocessor. It is server- side scripting language, which is extensively used for web development. PHP can be used with various combinations like web template and web framework, even its code may be embedded into HTML. PHP interpreter is used to process the PHP code on the web server.

We all are aware about different computer programming languages like C, C++, C#, PHP and Java. Languages like Java, and Java script is quite complicated and lengthy, its coding are hard to understand. Among all those language PHP is most powerful and easy to grasp language. Computer is an electronic device which gives impeccable result in a short span of time, it is also used to solve the complex mathematical calculation. PHP is probably most important scripting language from the rest of the programming languages, it is mainly used to enhance the web pages, create user name, password and lot of other creation. PHP works only when the PHP code is entered in the HTML page and the output is obtained from the web browser.

Features of PHP

Web developers create dynamic websites by using PHP, it is a powerful application to develop the sites like e commerce, online job portal and much more.

• It is called preprocessor because PHP codes are processed before sending them to the browser.

• PHP is scripting language, which is considered as the best language for web development like e commerce development.

• It is the combination of scripting language and programming language, which allows developers to more freedom and choice with a higher level of detail.

• It works like open source development, which allows user to download from any kind of downloading websites with the required license, even user don’t need to pay any renewal charges after downloading the PHP application.

• This application is fast, stable and most importantly, it is compatible with any kind of server and operating system.

• It is easy to learn but powerful, it is specifically designed for creating web pages and it is object oriented.

PHP is not only ideal for web development , rather it is also very popular with several open source content management system. CMS allows web admin to manage every facets of particular website, including web content, video, audio and images. CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are well known content management system, which are developed by using PHP.

Overview About PHP
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