Most Advanced JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries And Tools- The Merit And When To Use Them

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Advanced JavaScript Frameworks
Most Advanced JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries And Tools

Due to some major drawback like security issues and complication, it was a nightmare for the developers to build an interactive and complicated web application using plain JavaScript. In this scenario Web Application Development Company was desperately looking for some alternative but better ways to quickly develop an interactive web application. JavaScript Framework emerged as a panacea and enable developers to develop an interactive web application without worrying too much about tough and complicated codings. Gradually JavaScript frameworks became smarter and better choice for the developers because: 

  • It reduces the certain functionalities thereby developers can focus on quality development.
  • Frameworks save the time and give performance benefit.
  • It keeps the code nice and organized.

 In a short frame of time, JavaScript Frameworks got immense popularity and became the backbone of Web Design And Development Company. In this blog, we will discuss the most advanced JavaScript Frameworks, libraries, and tools in detail.  

Angular JS- Angular JS is the popular framework and used to build and maintain a complicated web application. It adds all mandatory features to HTML to build dynamic views. The two-way data binding between the models and views allow for an automatic update, whenever there is a change of the data. Angular JS is used, when it comes to build a complex web front end application. 

The merits of Angular JS-

Faster and easier data binding– Two-way data binding is the primary feature of Angular JS. Faster and easier data binding makes the developers work easy and ensures that any changes made to view are instantly displayed in the model and vice-versa.

It reduces traffic from the server– It improves the performance of server by reducing traffic from the server. It only serves static files and responds to the API calls.  

Good functionality and faster application prototyping -Angular JS is famous to build a complex web application alongside faster application prototyping is the buzzword of Angular JS. Developers can develop an app prototype with good functionality by writing a few lines of code in no time. Apart from that, very easy to make changes without getting annoyed. 

Keep the pages mess free and extremely organized– To keep the script and HTML pages organized and mess free, Angular JS makes use of directives. The framework also allows developers to create custom directives. 

React JS- React JS is emerging JavaScript Framework and it shines for simplicity. Unlike other framework, React only implement the V, instead of MVC. React does not require any additional dependencies, making it pluggable with virtually any other JS library. React JS is used, when powerful view layer is needed, but don’t need a comprehensive framework for the rest of application. 

The merits of React JS-

  • Due to the virtual DOM system, it is very easy to write UI test cases.
  • No problem to reuse the component throughout the app, even components can be combined to create more complicated UIs.
  • React automatically manages all UI updates.
  • Works nicely with common JS.

Backbone JS– Backbone is the light weight, but full featured JavaScript Framework. Backbone is the simple, small size package and easy to learn. This framework is so flexible that by using a third party JavaScript framework or by writing your own codes you can build anything top of it. Backbone JS is used, when you need to build a single web page application without offering too much complication and hassle.

The merit of Backbone JS-

  • With the passage of projects, the code becomes more cluttered, the Jquery declaration and callbacks more complicated. In this scenario, to solve this problem Backbone JS provides an event-driven communication between model and views.
  • Backbone JS is client-side MVC architecture, it allows you to structure your JavaScript code in MVC pattern.
  • It reduces load from the server and helps in increasing the speed of the website.

Ember JS– Ember JS is the open source Javascript framework, and works on the principle of two-way data binding like Angular JS. This framework has a strong community of developers. Ember JS includes the concepts of web component that let you extend HTML with your own tags. Ember JS is used, when you don’t need flexibility, due to the tight budget and hard deadlines.

The merits of Ember JS-

  • Active community and support.
  • A lot of extensions that can be easily added to your application.
  • It speeds up the development process.

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JQuery- JQuery is the most popular JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML. The Syntax of JQuery is designed to make it easier to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animation, handle events, and develop Ajax application. It also helps developers to create plugins on the top of JavaScript library, alongside contributes to the creation of powerful and dynamic web pages. 

The merits of JQuery-

  • It runs fine across all browsers, no matter whether you use opera or Mozilla 7.
  • JQuery is the lightweight and fast, and improves the performance of web application.
  • Its free and open source library, well supported across all types of application
  • It is flexible and easy to understand. 

Babylon.js– Babyloan.js is the complete JavaScript framework to build three-dimensional game with HTML5, WebGL and Web Audio. You can create high quality and cutting edge games with physics, audio and particle systems among other things. Babyloan.js is used, when you need to build a video game or a complex 3D scene of any sorts. 

Three.js– Three.js is used, when you need a simple 3D visualization. Lightweight 3D library includes in three.js that allows rendering 3D to an HTML 5 canvas, SVG, and WebGL.  

Phantom.js– Phantom.js is used, when you need to do more testing, manipulate pages and monitor network requests. It enables you to run your test, capture screenshots, monitor the network and automate page browsing from a JavaScript API.       

Over to you– In this blog, we compile the best list of frameworks, tools, and libraries and also mentioned their merits. If you think we missed something, then please give your comments. Thank You.

Most Advanced JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries And Tools- The Merit And When To Use Them
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