Few Key Notes Essential for a Small Business Website Part 2

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why cms- content management system

2 Which CMS will best suite for your business or purpose?

Definitely CMS is most convenient and cheap solution to initiate a business website. Only you need to have a look on your business current situation and your products/services and choose the rightful CMS option available in the market. Most CMS are open source, free and very affordable when considering it for a website platform on which your website will stand.

E-Commerce Website

Suppose your main purpose is an ecommerce business, mainly for products i.e. health products, sports products, home decor products, electronics products and others. Then your System choice should be an ecommerce structure fulfilling most of your features and functionality available in it. Great benefit of a CMS includes add-ons mostly free or coming with small affordable or cheap price.

The low cost add ons helps to cut your bill down, but before choosing a CMS read carefully all the features and functionality available within the CMS. Because it is often found most time claimed features not working properly after being bought. And don’t forget to check whether custom coding allowed or not If you want to make some custom changes through Content Management System.

Some Recommended Names are BhaiyaCMS, VirtueMart, Magento, osCommerce and Opencart, Joomla !

If Joomla is an open source CMS system and is considered very flexible and with a better admin structure. The only drawback is the structure which is limited. You can find a lot of compatible Joomla templates available in market to help to make your website according to your requirement or shooting your business. Main benefit of a Joomla website is that you don’t need to start your website from scratch. While it is easy to install and activate but get a Joomla knowledgeable friend or guy to help you out If you are first-timer as  it may take more than 5 days to understand the Admin area. So to make it a less time consuming  work, a Joomla developer will be great to install and operate you through the process.

If WordPress

Comparing with Joomla, wordpress is a quite simple in admin and readily used for blogging purpose most of the time. It’s core design is made for blog purpose. But mostly it is used for the small business website purpose with 6 to 10 pages. A wordpress website can be plugged in with featured plug ins which are mostly free or in a very cheap price available in market.

Few Key Notes Essential for a Small Business Website Part 1

Few Key Notes Essential for a Small Business Website Part 2
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