Effective off Page SEO Techniques 2017

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Effective off Page SEO Techniques 2017
Effective off Page SEO Techniques 2017

In our previous blog, we discuss the fundamentals of SEO and importance of on page SEO; but it is also very true that to bring the website on the first page of Google, it is imperative to put effort on off page as well as on page SEO. Where on page is executed on website, the same off page SEO is executed off the website. Now here question arises that, what is the importance of off page SEO and how to do it efficiently.

In this blog we will discuss off page SEO is detail and will find out some effective off page SEO techniques which you must try in 2017.But first of all we would like to discuss the importance of “off page SEO” and how it can be beneficial for website owners.

Importance of off page SEO:

Off page SEO is as important as on page, to rank the website search engine consider on page factor, off page and other quality factors of the website like usability, user engagement and interaction, accessibility, balance between content and ads, speed and content on the website.

Off page SEO indicates search engine that how the particular website is being perceived by other website and users. A high quality website has more back links, likes and share on social media.

Benefits of “Off Page SEO” To Website Owners:

Following are the benefits of successful off page SEO strategy:

  • It boost ranking and visibility of the website on leading search engine.
  • It drives massive organic traffic to the website.
  • It gives more exposure to the website. A website that ranks high on search engine gets more links, more visits, more likes and more sharing on different social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Effective off page SEO techniques:

Link building- Link building is the most effective off page SEO technique. It is all about to gather maximum votes to bypass your competitor and rank higher. For example, if someone likes your blog on the website and he share it on social media, then it is like telling search engine that particular page has good information.

Blogging- Leverage the power of blogging to boost ranking and visibility of the website. Blogs not only keep the website updated but also motivates visitors to keep returning on the website. Blogs helps search engine to crawl the site more frequently which ultimately proves helpful to rank the site.

Article submission- It is very true that with the passage of time the trend of article submission has been changed. Now very few people lands on article sites to read the article. Medium is the platform, where you can submit your articles. It is place, where curious brain share their thought and ideas. Write high quality, punchy and relevant article and post it on medium to give more exposure to website.

Guest post- Guest post is second smart and effective off page SEO technique after link building. It proves helpful to drive quality organic traffic and to get quality back links. Write quality blogs and submit on premium websites, if it get approved by the site owner then you will realize the significance of guest post. Don’t write guest post for the sole purpose of link building rather write it to inform your audience. Guest blog should be unique and comprehensive thereby audience can learn something new from it.

Answers question- By answering the question you can build your reputation as an expert in the chosen field. You can actively participate in different platform like Quora and Yahoo answer. After answering the question, place a link to your website thereby people can find your website without any hassle.

Social media– Leverage the power of social media to promote your website. Share it different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to give the website more exposure in front of massive online crowd.

Wrapping it up- To bring the website on the first page of search engine you have to work on off page as well as on page. Off page is as important as important as on page and when it comes to link building then stay away from the black hat techniques and try to get links from the premium website. Backlinks from the high authoritative websites gives more value to your website.

Effective off Page SEO Techniques 2017
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