What Is OsCommerce And What Is The Importance Of Oscommerce Web Development

  OsCommerce stand for “open source Commerce”. And it is e-commerce and online store management software program. It can easily use any web server which has PHP and MySQL installed. And the best, plus point is that it is easily available on the internet free of cost under the GNU (General Public License). Firstly, OsCommerce [...]

How to Get Prepared for Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ New Mobile Friendly Update

Google launched latest mobile friendly update on 21st April 2015, and it’s called Google ‘Mobilegeddon’. This update is giving highest priority the way of Google android and other mobile search engines ranks search results, will take into account how mobile friendly a website is. This means If your company website is not a mobile friendly, [...]

Gifted Features of WordPress 3.9 Would Definitely Attract Many WordPress Platform Lovers

Ok, Fellas, Below are my findings and understanding on WordPress upgraded features I found some features that are pretty cool. Paragraphs Drawback Rectified Obviously as a blog writer, I always faced problem in inserting the word doc content into WordPress editing section. If You check the html part of the Edit section You can find [...]

Defined Techniques for A Successful eCommerce Dealing Website

Defined Techniques for A Successful eCommerce Dealing Website First User Experience: Create a User Experience to Make Customer Trust You    Users should have a nice first interaction with the eCommerce website. ECommerce design, graphic and other necessary parameters should not be annoying users of feeling secure and comfortable while visiting it. Most probably, every eCommerce [...]