The power and features of CodeIgniter

There is a huge demand for CodeIgniter among the PHP web developers due to its dynamic features and benefits these days. It is one of most popular and agile open source PHP framework to build a website. Any web applications developed based on CodeIgniter framework perform effectively and rapidly. It helps the programmers to build [...]

Powerful Tips To Improve The Performance of WordPress Website

If you are really serious to improve the performance of the website, then you landed on the perfect place. Being a prestigious web agency, we understand the importance of performance of the website. Literally, you cannot blame the single factor that affects the performance of the website, rather plenty of things hampers the website speed [...]

Most Advanced JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries And Tools- The Merit And When To Use Them

Due to some major drawback like security issues and complication, it was a nightmare for the developers to build an interactive and complicated web application using plain JavaScript. In this scenario Web Application Development Company was desperately looking for some alternative but better ways to quickly develop an interactive web application. JavaScript Framework emerged as [...]

Top 5 Plugin That Is Must For Every WordPress Website

Top 5 Marketing Plugins Web Design and Development Company is now emphasizing on tracking of the data, because the more data they track, the better they will be able to make marketing decisions. Lately, developers developed a plugin that will let you track your data and boost your marketing tactics. In this blog, we will [...]

Overview About PHP

In 1994, PHP is created by Ramus Ledorf, initially it was stand for personal home page now it stand for hypertext preprocessor. It is server- side scripting language, which is extensively used for web development. PHP can be used with various combinations like web template and web framework, even its code may be embedded into [...]

Eight Golden Rules To Boost The Performance of Android Application Development

Mobile is integral part of our life, with the  passage of time people are observing latest mobile phones. Nowadays smartphones are boon for the general public, its affordable cost and smart designs are fascinating crowd. Markets are flooded with latest smart phone, we can observe a healthy competition among mobile handset companies.  Android smart phone [...]