Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on SEO

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Google’s Rank Brain

How to bring the website on the first page of Google? Yes, this is the question that often runs in our mind. Definitely, SEO is the most suitable technique to get organic traffic and achieve the higher rank but with the passage of time the battle for organic traffic is getting tougher and tougher, in this scenario people look for the best SEO strategies and techniques. Literally, if you want to the see your website on the first page of Google then you have to understand the Google and its algorithm. Now Google algorithm is not exclusively run by human, rather artificial intelligence entered in the game of search and making the entire system more relevant and meaningful to the user. In simple word, users are getting more relevant and accurate result on the Google, juts because of artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence?

Suppose a machine, who is reacting as human, he is thinking, understanding your query and then responding. Yes it is not miracle, rather in this 21st century, we all are using it. Video game is the best example of artificial intelligence. American computer scientist, John McCarthyis the founder of Artificial intelligence and it was the Allen Turing who developed the concept that, machine can think like a human. Literally, it is developed to meet the capabilities of human being. Now artificial intelligence is used in every complex field like defence, heavy machinery and communication where accurate result is needed in the least possible time.

Artificial intelligence in SEO

Before five or six years ago, it was almost impossible to imagine artificial intelligence in SEO. But in 2015, Rankbrain come into existence and changed the landscape of SEO. Among Google’s 200 ranking factor, Rankbrain is third most important ranking signal and it is the part of search engine algorithm (Hummingbird). Rankbrain thinks like human understand query on Google and provide the most relevant result.

What is the Rankbrain?

Rankbrain is the machine learning artificial intelligence system that helps Google to process the search result more accurately. In simple word, if you type your query on Google and if Rankbrain is not familiar with that particular word or phrase then the machine find out the similar word or phrase and filter the result accordingly.

The working of Rankbrain

Rankbrain is not scripted or pre- programmed, rather to understand the query of people it use mathematical process vector and semantic to deliver the most accurate information.

What makes Rankbrain Special?

Rankbrain has unique ability to self-learn and it helps Google to understand the complex query. Following point will clear the importance of Rankbrain for Google.

Handle the complex queryGoogle is the most powerful search engine in the planet and millions of people enter their query here. According to the statistics and research it is found that, Google process more than three billion queries every dayand 15% queries are very complicated (long tail keyword) so in this scenario Rankbrain interpret and translate those queries and deliver the most accurate and relevant result.

Delivering high accuracy – Once Google engineers were asked to see the number of website and estimate that how many will appear at the first page of search engine result page by Google’s algorithm. At the end Rankbrain stole the show by making 80% accurate guess, where Google engineer made correct guess almost 70% of the time.

Rankbrain and Human Search

Actually Google conceptualized Rankbrain to deal with long tail keywords. Now we don’t type one or two word query on Google rather we type a long query, it is something like where can I get the best collection of T- shirt near PVR. So an ordinary search algorithm cannot deal with such long query. That is where Rankbrain execute such task effectively.

When we type some question on Google search box then either we get the accurate result or we get the nearest result, but Rankbrain think such query like human, it is more like talking to human and delivers most accurate result.

The impact of rankbrain on search

  • Rankbrain increase the significance of content. That means informative and comprehensive content will appear on the first page of Google and page that rank in the top position will get massive organic traffic. The first three results will become more popular and frequently used this means users don’t need to browse a lot to get information.
  • The website with high quality and comprehensive content will rank, the website with less comprehensive content will drop in ranking.
  • With long tail keywords users will get the most accurate result.

Impact of Rankbrain on SEO

Keywords are the lifeline of SEO, Google’s algorithm identify these keywords in content and use them in ranking process. But now Rankbrain changed the landscape of SEO, now it not only the game of keywords, rather without providing a great user experience your chance of ranking will limited. In simple word, Rankbrain will identify the great content, if users are happy with the content and maximum number of people click on them to read,  then ranking of the website will boost, no matter keywords are in the content or not.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on SEO
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