An Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Beginners

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Guide to Email Marketing for Beginners

Marketing is always a comprehensive subject and in this 21st century the concept of marketing has been changed a lot. Now it is like a puzzle where you try to understand and implement the things but nothing works on time. Well apart from the marketing, we would like to jump into email marketing because in this cyber age email marketing is one of the effective and powerful tool for marketing, but due to lack of proper knowledge and practice people often commit mistakes and later they complain about the bad open rates, no responses, and bad click rate. Being a prestigious web agency, we understand the importance of marketing, so in this blog we are going to describe some effective email marketing tips which will prove helpful for beginners.

Before dive into our main subject “How to do email marketing”, we would like introduce you with types of email marketing.

  • Email Newsletters
  • Dedicated Emails
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Transactional Emails
  • Operational Emails

Email Newsletters- Email Newsletter is powerful marketing tool that proves effective to strengthen the bond between you and your customer. It informs users about the products and services.

Dedicated Emails- It is also known as “sponsored emails” and this type of emails are employed by smaller companies for comprehensive marketing to promote product or services.

Lead Nurturing- This type of email marketing is perform to develop a relationships with buyers at every stage of sales. It is the type of marketing effort on listening to needs of prospects, and providing the information.

Transactional Email- These types of emails are automated and triggered by customers activity. Welcome messages, order tracking, payment received, and registration confirmation etc. are the example of transactional email. This email becomes more valuable when someone has already interacted with your business and tends to have higher open rates.

Operational Email– Definitely these type of emails not have direct impact on sales but plays a crucial role for business. Generally operational emails are just informative and crafted in such a way that puts your business in a positive light.  Example of such mail is, being closed for holidays, planned maintenance etc.

Step by step guidance for effective email marketing

1-Build your subscribe list- The first prerequisite of effective email marketing is subscription list. So make sure that it is easy to subscribe to your email list through your website. Put subscribe form on your website or blog, it will be better if you place it at the very top. Groove is a wonderful at collecting email subscriber on the blog.

2-Don’t throw the information- The trend of email marketing has changed a lot now you can’t throw all information at once. If you have something delicious and appropriate content, then better to start conversation in a distinctive manner. Following are some tips of healthy and friendly conversation:

Catchy and punchy subject writing-A dull and boring subject line encourages people to hit delete. Craft catchy and punchy subject line which can motivate people to open your email.

Craft punchy and engaging content- No one likes weak and incomplete story. So to engage your audience with the business craft punchy and engaging content.

3- Make your email interesting- To grab the reader’s attention make sure that your email is interesting. Write something innovative and specific which can motivate client to read more of what you have to say.

4- Ensure that email are not sent to the spam- If your email directly goes to spam folder then it will not generate any result and your entire hard work will spoil. Following tips will make sure your email will not sent to the spam folder.

  • Be compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act
  • Avoid Spam Trigger words
  • In case of HTML Emails include text version
  • Use permission marketing techniques
  • Use spam checker before sending emails
  • Get off blacklists
  • Maintain a good text to image ratio
  • Avoid spam traps

4- Make sure your copy look clean and crisp- If you are doing email marketing then your copy can make or break your business value, so make sure that your copy is clean and crisp.

  • Use short paragraph and make sure that keyword and phrases are relevant to your readers.
  • Use bullet point appropriately this help people to browse the content quickly.
  • Images should be place in a decent manner. It should be there to illustrate your message not to replace content.

5-Make the links and call to action easy and obvious- If you are looking to increase traffic to your website through email marketing, then make sure that links and call to action are easy and obvious. It is not a rocket science, actually in this way you give readers an opportunity to interact. A strong and compelling call to action proves game changer.

6- Make your email campaign mobile friendly- Now smart phone has changed the landscape of internet browsing, according to the research it is found that more than 60% of email open occurs on smart phone or tablets. So if your emails re not optimized for these devices then definitely you are missing out on a huge number of clicks.

7- Test is mandatory- Target the better result don’t forget to test your email. Test email meticulously in all major providers like, Gmail, and Yahoo. Go for Litmus tool, if you are looking for robust testing. This is an awesome tool that provides screen shots of your emails in dozens of different tools.

8- Track your data – To make your email marketing successful, it is mandatory to track the performance of the email campaign. Check all the data carefully and find out the loopholes which is not working. Several tools are available which proves effective to track open rates and click rates. In this way you can make your campaign bigger and better than before.

Conclusion- Email marketing is the evergreen and powerful marketing tool. So no matter whichever type of email you use, rather it is important to understand what you are trying to accomplish in your campaign. There is no short cut for successful email marketing, it is a process and success depends on your planning and strategy, but sure-fire buzzword for success is learn, think and start emailing.  Thank You.

An Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Beginners
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