Caffeine VS Panda VS Penguin VS Hummingbird VS Pigeon

It seems  rocket science, whenever Google announces to update the algorithm. Literally, algorithms are designed to stop the evil practice of SEO. It is believed that Google updates their search algorithm 500-600 times every year and very few people know about this. To provide more relevant and meaningful information, Google employs step by step procedure [...]

How to Make Your Website Lovable For Search Engine and Customer

What makes a great website? Are there any secret ingredients that make the website exceptional or any secret recipe behind this? Whatever, but we think this is a healthy topic of discussion. Actually, different people have different opinions, when it comes to defining a great website. Some people believe that fantastic and eye- catching design [...]

Google Hates Such SEO Techniques

To bring the website on the first page of Google, people go for different SEO technique. Where some techniques work, the same some techniques doesn’t work. After algorithm update by the Google, SEO is not easy, as it was before. Now few SEO practices are considered dangerous and continue use of such practices can penalize [...]

Top 5 Tools To Create Interactive And Eye-Catching Responsive Website

Lately, we witnessed some massive changes in the arena of design and development. Now things are changed, the advent of smart phone and tablet changed the matrix of design. Now the need is to create a fascinating and engaging design that serve devices  of all sizes without any hassle. Web Design and Development Company are [...]

Most Advanced JavaScript Frameworks, Libraries And Tools- The Merit And When To Use Them

Due to some major drawback like security issues and complication, it was a nightmare for the developers to build an interactive and complicated web application using plain JavaScript. In this scenario Web Application Development Company was desperately looking for some alternative but better ways to quickly develop an interactive web application. JavaScript Framework emerged as [...]